How to make a curriculum vitae in microsoft word 2007

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how to make a curriculum vitae in microsoft word 2007

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Please forward this error screen to ssdnl. Please forward this error screen to ssdnl. I’m Michael Suodenjoki – a software engineer living in Kgs. This is my personal site containing my blog, photos, articles and main interests. Abstract This article describe how you can convert Microsoft Word documents to Adobe PDF documents using a command line VBScript and Automation.

July 7, 2007 to support Word 2007. Introduction I have for some time wanted a command line tool for converting some Word documents into PDF documents during an automatic build process of a software product. As I knew that Word can be “automated” via Automation it was a straightforward task to create a small VB script program that can be executed on the command line. This means that the Adobe Distiller is no longer required. The old article code – originally written for Word 2003 – is however maintained in appendix B.

Note that Word 2007 can be used to convert Word documents created in Word 2003 or older without touching the original Word document. Build managers are faced with the challenge of making their software builds as easily as possible. In our case the Word documents was generated from a single source Word document, which represents both the online help and the printable user documentation. However we would not like to distribute the Word documents but preferred PDF documents. So an automatic conversion from Word to PDF was of high interest, preferably built directly into the build commands issued by an build manager.

Command line Word to PDF conversion Windows offer a pretty good command line scripting language via Visual Basic Scripting. The full code of the VB script can be found in the appendix A or B below depending on your requirements. You should create a text file and save it as e. This tells the system to use the Windows cscript VB script command line processor with the doc2pdf.